Friday, September 5, 2008

Student card tricks

This is actually prettycool. The student section is directed to hold
up different color cards to make different pics for the opposite side
of the stadium. Fun and entertaining.

After the card displaying, the 5000 students would just toss their
cards in the air making for a graduation like celebration. This was
cool, except for when the cards came back down. The cards would
strike you on the head, in the FACE, or someplace else where you
wouldn't want to be struck with a sharp edged flying object.


Glover said...

That's big time football right there, where the highlight of the game is holding up cardboard. I'll bet you shave your legs, too. And Ball State beat Navy?

jw said...

do we really need to talk about our alma mater and football? GO UNC FOOTBALL! And for everyone else, a poll is coming: should glover shave his nasty legs?

Emma said...

Eewww...I think men should just shave their legs in general, ESPECIALLY cyclists...

I don't know Glover, but dude, YOU SHOULD SHAVE YOUR LEGS...chicks dig it

Glover said...

GO UNC FOOTBALL! You on the bandwagon yet Jdub?

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