Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cold dirt ride

Today was pretty awesome in that I slept in, watched some football,
took a nap, then went for a dirt ride with wick nasty. Sis, I love
the Christmas gift you got me. The shorts and gloves are both a very
nice addition to my dirt wardrobe. Fox and troy lee everyone!

It was cold, but we climbed for 35 mind before riding some ridgeline
and then a serious descent. I always forget how much I love riding
dirt until I get back on the knobbies. Love it.

15 days to prep for onterviews. I need a summer internship. Planning
on just riding my bike and studying for case interviews.

And mom and I are running a serious sidi sale on eBay. Anyone need a
pair at a firesale price?

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Anonymous said...

Looking good!! lcb