Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A random Prague vacation pic to appeal to your eyes

Yesterday my ego suffered a pretty hard blow. I had two interviews were my lack of banking experience was attacked. Honestly, it was insane. Both of the groups of interviewers sat there looking at my resume and didnt ask me a single question about my past experiences. I guess they all understand everything an aircraft commander does and is responsible for. Perhaps it was just that my resume was so perfectly written that they had no questions.

Long story short, both were banking interviews and classmates who have had experience in the field did better. Thats a good thing for my friends trying to get into the crazy banking scene. What bothers me is that I honestly havent failed at many things in my life. You want to succeed in everything you do.

So I am trying to take away the positives as I write this. First, I think God was taking care of me and making a decision for me. 100 hour work weeks dont mesh well with riding your bike. So I might have a little more time to ride if I take ANY other job. Second, failing toughens you up. And you can respond a couple different ways. I think everyone takes their licks differently. I went home and tried to think about something else for a while. Then I counted my blessings and worked on some more cover letters.

I have one more banking interview tomorrow and want to do better. I would love to have the bargaining chip of actually having an internship in my pocket when interviewing with other companies. Say a prayer and I'll keep you posted on this entire ordeal (who ever still reads my blog).

I do have two consulting interviews next week. I have to keep practicing cases in order to prepare for those interviews. Some people already have 50 cases complete. I am probably at 20 or so. But one thing is certain, I am faster than all of them on a bike.

Lastly, I was delightfully surprised to see that i am still the 3rd ranked cat 3 crit rider in the country. Wins at Reston and VA State championships coupled with the 6th at reston (give me a break, I crashed) must have been low enough point totals to keep me up in rankings. Then I crushed some kid climbing last week. He told me that he'd never seen a big guy climb like that. That ego stroking didnt hurt my feelings. Even small Ws are good!


T.Karnes said...

3rd cat 3 rider. I will crush you on a climb. Just ask George.

Glover said...

Dude, I know what you mean. Yesterday there was this stout 5 year old tooling on around the neighborhood on his Huffy and I went by him at the sprint sign like he was standing still

Gene Fowler said...

You're a Cat 2!!!!!!


GOD is in control!!!!!!!

Chris said...

J-dubs, keep looking at the positives, just like you're doing.

When I get home from work today, I will see your Prague vacation pic and raise you on my blog.

Tara Lain said...

Good luck with your interview cousin! I know you will do well :)