Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Its been a while since I have posted a pic of a beautiful girl. I like Maverick's motto: Everything in Moderation--Even Moderation. Kate Beckinsale garners my vote as the world's most beautiful celebrity. She is simply stunning. I was fortunate enough to have Esquire Magazine email (for some reason) and remind me that they offer wonderful articles about beautiful women.

I am currently sitting in my Management in Technology talking about the relatively slow innovation in the bicycle industry. We are actually studying the shimano history and how compared to other industries, the bike industry is historically snail paced. I brought up the fact that the UCI limits frame design and that general idea hampers further innovation. The derailluer needs to go away. But I still think riding (all types) is a beautiful struggle.

Our Shimao discussion moved onto the Swiss watch industry. Also interesting. Disruptive technology is shaping your life via market mindset shifts. Pay attention and you'll be at the forefront of these shifts. It'll be interesting to see how the financial markets will adjust to the turmoil they are currently experiencing and how innovation will replace age old ideologies.

Kate Beckinsale. Wow.


Wick said...

tru dat jim.

Kyle Jones said...

Its the nips.

Chris said...

JW, absolutely beautiful...the only reason I watched Underworld 1&2.

I showed Cezanne your post and she said, "it's funny that you and JW have the same #1." Nice!

I got a response I think you'll like on my blog: https://cgbrianas.blogspot.com

Chris said...

Oops, there's no 's' in the 'http' portion of my blog address:


Phillip said...

She has always been my top pick as well, and that sexy accent, wew...underworld the movie with the leather suit