Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I have been experiencing slash witnessing various amounts of excess lately. This is the most recent example. I'm sure the discussion went something like this:

Shop employee one: "What should we do with this guy's old $600 square taper carbon fiber crank now that he's upgraded to campy 11?"
Shop employee two: "You could prob sell it on ebay for $200 bucks"
SE1: "Naw, we really need something to remind people to not steal the keys to our bathroom"
SE2: "You are exactly right, we should use a perfectly good $200 (ebay used value) crank to help people remember to not steal our bathrooms keys."
SE1: Most people use a stick or long piece of PVC pipe, but this makes more sense for us seeing as how we dont sell a bike that costs less than $6k"

Or something like that. I marveled at the 10 Lightweight wheelsets attached to various look, time, and pinarello frames. They did have a couple madones and a moots to their lessor man credit. The guy looked at me like I had 7 heads when I asked him a question about my Intense 5.5 (not a cheap bike in the mtn bike world).

And these are michelin Pro Race 3s. It was all I could do to not buy the lime green tires below. I know for sure I'd be the only guy to have them. But this snobby bike shop wanted $65 plus tax and the shop next to my house is only asking $45/tire. Not exactly a training tire, I passed. They also had a couple Chris King Bottom Brackets. I will definately be upgrading on all my bikes when their respective BBs are spent.

On the job front, I am 50% for my resume drops so far. I have 4 interviews this month and dont expect much from any of them. I met with a friend Don Faul at Facebook today. His story is pretty funny. I was in Hippster's wedding as a swordsman and so was Don. Granted, there were like 10 dudes, but Don actually has a pic on his facebook account where everyone is tagged except for me because he couldnt remember my name. We never had much interaction, but I feel fortunate to have re-met him.

Don is a director at Facebook and really tackling some tough problems, leading men and women. I am excited about possibilities at Facebook.

Beyond FB, I have interviews at RBC, Citi, and UBS. I doubt I am on any closed lists, but am most excited about the tech space anyway. Please keep me in your prayers in finding a job.

I mostly need to prepare and not stress too much.

And I promise to not take such long breaks between bloggings.


Jimmy D said...

Somebody got one cause there's only 3 there. Probably stuck on a fixie's one front Aerospoke. I know your jealous...

Ryan said...

you still in school??