Monday, May 12, 2008

Chris this is for you

So Chris out in San Diego is absolutely stoked to soon be riding one of the world's lightest production frames. He sent me this pic.

Not to be outdone, I quickly responded:

I need to decide what to do with this frame. I love it, but I think school bills are going to see this frame making someone else happy. Or I'll build it up and just take some larger school loans!
By the by, still waiting to hear from Columbia. I find out more from Wharton on the 15th. Got separation orders this past weekend. Now I have to convince the friendly separation Navy paperwork people to actually do their jobs and process me out! What a chore. I love the attitude of government workers. It really gives me something to strive towards!

1 comment:

Chris said...

Thanks man! You had me and Cezanne rolling for a while with this one.

Next pic I send you on Friday should be similar, except that there will be a lot of other stuff on the bike...