Sunday, May 18, 2008

What a weekend

This weekend was pretty cool. I got to see Mike and Mary, Annie, a Nationals game, not race, and avoid a terrible storm. Check out the gas prices below in DC. Sweet! Looks like its a good thing I can ride my bike.

Some of you know that when I moved to VA, I was robbed at about day 10 in my new place. Not all that cool. The thieves took pretty much everything valuable including my Naval Academy Class ring (they didn't find a recent $4k A-City bounty stash though--suckers!). So I ordered another ring with insurance money. Mary was nice enough to remind me that this weekend was magical date. Annie and I ran over to Annapolis to dip my ring. For those that dont know/care, it is 150 year tradition for juniors to dip their Academy rings in the water from the 7 seas before they can start wearing the ring. I wear my ring for graduations and weddings--thats pretty much it. Anyway, I was planning on wearing my whites but didnt shave that morning. So I just ran into Dahlgren and bandit dipped my ring. Notice the giant 100x replica ring behind me. Also notice the 9 in the ball next to the cauldron. The other ball says 0--thats 09! I was 99. I guess it is remotely cool that this was my ten year class. Anyway, my mother thinks that my luck is seriously going to change now that I have the Nautical gods appeased. I dont necessarily think that, but it was fun going back up there.

I was bummed that the go fast turn left race was called on the count of rain. So I drove home from Richmond only to find the most beautiful day. Wick nasty and I turned some good miles out to T-karnes house. He's been laying low on the hampton roads radar so it was good to see him. His fro is still tight and his kit still looks better than mine. But I always am keen on letting him know that he needs another 70 lbs until he's caught up to me. Good luck in Tour Hotlanta kid. I may have to make a guest appearance down there!

This are the unhappy skies 5 mins before they opened up on wick nasty and myself. THanks to Drew for taking time out of his day to drive us back to norfolk. We still got in 35 miles.

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Glover said...

What's the A-City stash look like now? Let's go!!!