Thursday, May 22, 2008

End of an era

Some of you have been to my house and have had the pleasure to enjoy
the downstairs facilities. Well, I move out in two weeks and the new
owner wanted it painted boring brown. She cut $100 off my rent so I
obliged. Now that the alien green paibt is gone, this house has lost
its soul and now I must leave immediately. Others will also cring
when they hear that I have elected to leave behind both plasmas.
What? I must be drunk on crazy juice!

Just need to save some cash for the whole-about to not have a job for
two years thing slash I would rather spend the money on bike crap and
fundamentally unsound day trading.

Shippy rivals fletch whilst handsoming the fro.

Shout out to t-karnes for rocking the sprints and tt down in the tour
hotlanta. Best of luck to you pal.


Anonymous said...

The lady must be crazy.... that alien green was great!!

Good luck on your move~!! lcb

Liz Schleeper said...

Big congratulations on your acceptance to Berkeley. So happy for you but will miss you around here.