Monday, May 19, 2008


Look at the damn time. For some reason, I am stuck staying up way too
late. I guess the weight of occurances has been more than a little
heavy on my mind. Crappy stocks, the hornets getting beat, wore out
bearings, and no races in weeks have me itching to compete.

The above pic shows most peoples' view when they ride with kieth. My
view is no different. I tried to explain to my mom why he is so fast,
but I think this pic says it all--very good positioning on the bike
and giant calves. We blasted up to Williamsburg last minute (I didn't
even get to eat lunch) and got in a solid 3 hours. Just trying to
hang on is like competing.

I am looking forward to getting rid of most my crap and moving out to
ca. Waitlisted at Columbia today and waitlisted again at Wharton last
week make all the pieces to this puzzle pretty easy to fit together.
Berkeley it is for me.

Oh, I picked up an extra job handing out free cell phones. Seriously,
if you need a new phone, let me know.


Anonymous said...

Riding like pros... well training like it...

OVER AND OUT said...

got any furniture you want to get rid of let me know, robert and just moved...