Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy mom's day

Thus weekend was pretty good. Wick and I worked on No-Tubing some
wheels so that he could ride his 1st mtn bike race on my 5.5. It
worked. And I had too much air in my tires for the first twenty mins
of saturday's race. So I got passed by a bunch of dudes but was happy
to see lap times tumble for my 1 st mtn bike race in a year.

The Sunday mtn bike race was fun too, except my body was destroyed, it
rained for a good hour during the race, and it was super technical.

Wick drove home.

We cleaned up and braved the impossible tornado-prone weather and
drove out to the kanye west concert. Ever the ego maniac, he put on a
great show. Plus we got our $100 seats on ebay for 30 bucks. You
gotta love ebay. Kanye was on the stage for 90 minutes by himself. No
band, no dancers, just kanye and lights. Tight.

I was going to take a pic of a quilt store for mom on this mom's day
post, but couldn't find one. Just know that I was thinking about you

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Anonymous said...

You are my Favorite son~!

Love ya --- lcb