Sunday, June 22, 2008

2nd in State TT!

Today I managed to log my 7th! second place of the year. Only 1 win (not counting a training crit win) this year but I was seriously pleased with today's ride. Craddock Sr was ribbing me about winning state crit but not being able to time trial to save my life. I told him that my only goal for the day was to beat him! He started 1 min ahead of me and I was absolutely stoked to catch him by about mile 8. He and terry were far enough ahead where I could see them well enough, but really had to put in an effort to catch the two of them.

Passing them gave me wings. Geno told me to just take it easy for the 1st 3 mins. I did. Then I droped into the 54x13 or 12 and just pounded out an 80 rpm cadence. It worked. Ted Micheals (known tt specialist) passed me in the last k or so, but I was happy to pass Gilmore and some other notably fast people. Let the record show that Micheals would have medaled in the Cat1,2 race with his time! Geno seems to think the course today was long. I am still waiting to pour over the results, but I am happy to post the 2nd best time of the 3s with some stiff competition.
I want to thank Mike at east coast for hooking me up with my bike, a felt B2. And I want to thank danny and jerry at Final Kick for setting all LeBlue riders up with Zipp. I am pretty sure we were the only riders with 1080s and sub9 discs! Without question, part of my ride can be attributed to gear.

Terry getting it!

Jeff Craddock hurtin! Nice bike guy.

Thanks to BJ for the fabulous photos!

Only a couple more feet to go. TT helmets look stupid.

A tired crew.

Geno gettin it


Liz Schleeper said...

Great result!

Emma said...

Congrats Jdub!

jp said...

what no senior champ rr?

Chris said...

I just talked to you today and you didn't mention 2nd place in the TT! Congrats!

The 705 is nice. I think at most places it's $649.99 with the map set (little card), HR and cadence. I got mine at the Trek store with my $550 frame credit.