Monday, June 16, 2008

Marissa Miller is #1

Wick and I just witnessed, while gluing some new tubular TT wheels, maxim's hot 100 on VH1. While this kind of wasting away by no means made either one of us more intelligent, it surely made us more culturally acute. I bet none of you knew that poor marissa had never even made the list previously. A damn tragedy. I think anyone (including MIA lawyer G-lover) could argue she is indeed a member of the hot 100.
This past weekend of racing went pretty well for me. I managed a 2nd place in the 3 race after having Dbo crush himself for the team and myself setting tempo for Ryan. Only problem there was that ryan was no longer in the race (I didnt know) due to a cramp. So I tried to keep the pace high so that ryan could sprint for the W. Didnt happen, but worked out with Dan Craft being the only one able to come around.
THe 123 had plenty of firepower there. Ben King of Kelly Benefit Pro decided that he didnt need to race a Pro race this weekend and showed up. This kid is only 18 and he easily the hardest working racer. He had a full team compliment including his dad, uncle, and about 5 other teamates wearing natures path gear. Ben chased down everything and then when the pace wasnt high enough, he just took a flyer on his own. So, this king of racing is an opportunist's dream. Find one of these moves and give it all you got, say a prayer. Terry, Dbo, Geno, Ryan and myself did all we could to cover every move. Dbo was relentless. Terry is easily every racer's favorite draft. Ryan raced better in the 123 than in the 3 race! Geno easily wins any sprint he contests. So we were all racing for that sprint. With 2 $100 premes, we eyed those laps and the finish.
I tried to set up Geno for the 2nd preme but he missed my wheel and Ben took it instead. Even though, he only got me by 3 feet. The only difference here was that he kept going and I sat up. Ben quickly gained 5 seconds on me and I noticed I had a quarter lap on the field. Dan craft and jeff parker quickly came with me and we worked to push out to 10 seconds. Bill Collins cleverly came accross and natures path blocked for ben up the road.
The 5 of us managed to stay away, Bill got me at the line by quite a bit and I was able to hold off jeff and dan for 3rd. This is my best result in the 123 cats.
Two more weeks and I am off to California for school. I am hoping to maintain some fitness and still race out there.
Driving the 123 break. Check out those faces!
D bo deserves every bit of that fan! What a great addition to the team!
Last but not least, all photo credits to BJ! Get well soon!


Anonymous said...

she getz my vte fo sho!!!!! and yeah , everytime i looked over my shoulder there was KING hunting me down......good work out there jdub, it`s been nice working for jim bender inc.

Chris said...

You were watching Marissa, I was watching the Bachelorette. I envy you. Actually, Cezanne was watching it, I was blogging (or so I like to tell myself).

Glover said...

She's smoking hot!!! Hate that I missed racing w/ you the last few months. Now that I'm getting back on the bike you're out of here. Good luck in Cali!