Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Last Day in the Navy slash hernia's suck

If any of you read velonews, kblog, joker, and any other sites as often as I do, you would have read the article on velonews about the coach with the hernia. Well, I am in the same damn situation. When I was at the boat school, my bunk was level at 7 feet. I would step on my desk chair and vault myself up there shooting one leg up on the bed. As a youngster (sophomore), I tore the muscle between my leg and abdomen. Gross. Thanks to Mary's recoup house, I got it fixed and was back on the bike in 8 days. Well, somehow, the mesh used to repair broke. So I can push my intestines out through my stomach. Its kinda awesome, yet sick gross barf.

On top of that, the Navy decided that I had two bad roots. Double root canal followed. The only good thing is that they paid for everything and I got molds for whitening. I had a dead tooth in the front bottom that was a little darker than my other teeths. So the doc today (on my last day in the navy mind you) hooked me up with my final filling and some awesome molds for whitening. 10 trips to the dentist in the past month might now sound cool--it wasnt. But I was happy to get the molds and the whitening business. All in all, 6 grand worth of dental care complete. I've never even had a cavity! Doc thinks boxing at that Academy and a fall off my bike when I was 8 resulted in root damage. I think its just because I am the hardest man alive and my roots couldnt manage it. Or it might be because in feb I rode behind danny glover and had to stare at his disgusting hairy legs--this made me grit my teeth in near dispair and disgust.

I spoke with drew today about the past 10 years. They have been good. BJB, rest in peace. Some people today were talking about legacies and what we leave behind. I am not certain that I will leave much behind, but I know I gained immeasureable experience(s) while serving. I am most proud of being the 1st pilot to respond to the tsunami in Banda Ache. I hold most valuable the relationships I have developed. I know there are people who will always help me whenever I need it, no matter what. I will absolutely do the same for them. No questions asked. I have brothers in the Navy that I never had growing up. I have people who understand parts of my life and who I am more than anyone else. Knowing there are people like that, friends that close, really makes me feel like my time was valuable and well spent. I know I had an influence on many people, good or bad. I would like to think its positive. And I would like to think that any student who was intimidated understands that the next flight could be their last and the philosophy of decision making needs to constantly be evaluated. Wear sunscreen.

Funny, my truck is more or less packed, I plan on racing reston and picking up some norcal racing (after hernia surgery), but I still feel really good about yesterday and today's rider events. Yesterday was the tuesday night great bridge ride. I remember last year when paul ward, gener, keith, and harlan would allow me to hang on. I had never ridden that hard in my life--ever. Rod D and I would always start rides by just chillin and talking in the back. Then we would have to crush ourselves to bridge up to the guys who went way to early. This year was different. I was never in a position where I felt I was in trouble. I was always there at the end and never got dropped. I attribute that to HTFU (see CSC's wristbands), february in FL training, and lots of miles with wick nasty (your results will come pal). I learned how to suffer early this year and just never really have in races. Sure, there were times when I got dropped (CSC), but I felt good this year and raced beyond what I thought I would. I appreciate all the friends along the way and the great times. Stratton told me that at state crit kids from Richmond were talking about me. At the start line, no one would really talk to me and I thought that was weird. Stratton said he actually saw people pointing at me making sure I was known. Learning this at the WMC just last week really made me think about how far I'd come. I was so happy to win that race. After gettign dropped in the 4 race last year at langley, I put in the work. It really is satisfying to get a result after the miles I logged.

Being a rider is so much a part of my life. I feel like I have always been a rider before a pilot or naval officer. I am very curious to journey these next two years and mark how my self image changes. I'll learn about some job that I really want and I'll put work in to be amazing at that job. But in the end, I'll always daydream about being able to get on my bike (dirt or road). Funny, my last day in the navy was spent packing, enjoying the dentist, and most importantly, building up my intense 5.5 that I just had repainted. Check it. Absolutely beautiful. Pure joy.

The last Super. Thanks everyone for supporting me! I'll miss you all.

Kieth and I share a special bond. Both riders and both naval aviators.

Kevin, thanks for being huge support and just a good friend. I appreciate all my tri-power friends. Gilmer, Starkey, Dinsmore, I'll miss you guys!

LeBleu. There just isnt a faster group of riders in the area. No dispute.
Great Bridge Wonderment. Rob D!


Joshua said...

Enjoy California. You are a great rider and great competition around here that will be missed. Take care.

Glover said...

DUDE!!!! Totally unnecessary.

Jimmy D said...

Great racing with ya. Have fun and chillax

RobD. said...

The team will definitely miss you. Having you in the races this year was like having another security blanket.

kevin said...

Rob, you have more than one security blankie???


Blog Bully said...

We're gonna miss you.

cyclochris said...

The FRO looks awesome. Definitely enjoy Cali. And go faster. Look forward to reading the updates.

Anonymous said...

Congrats and good luck. It's a little different world on the outside. Have fun in cali.


OVER AND OUT said...

good job dude. glad we could have met you.


D.B.O. said...

rock on......

jp said...

best of luck on left coast pearl and see ya at reston