Monday, June 2, 2008

I should be packing, but Mom needs to hear this!

This past weekend was a great weekend of racing. Elliot, Lucas, Wick Nasty, Keith and I drove up to Annapolis to crash at Mike and Mary's house for the weekend (thanks M&M!). We woke up early sat to beautiful skies and a two hour drive to the millport RR. 50 miles for the 3 race. Keith and the boys would ride 55 miles in the 123. I really wanted some help, but the kids thought it better to race the admittedly harder race.

Anyway, the skies opened up and it rained 3 inches on us while we were there. The promoter delayed our start and it cleared up for about 20 mins. Nice, the roads actually dried out for 3 laps. Then, it got dark again, and quick. I absolutely despise crashing. So I just went off the front. I had a couple guys join me, but they were unwilling to work that hard. And the pack was ringing us in. So I just waited another lap (3 miles per lap) in the back. Just as I expected, some idiot in 65th place wanted to be in 64th place and swerved 4 feet to the left. I was lucky enough to not be overlapping his wheel. I swiftly reminded him that he wasnt racing for money in the back of the pack and to just take it easy. He was all hopped up on EPO and tattoo ink and started to yell at me like no other person in cycling ever has. I loved it. Most of you know that 99 times out of 100 I am the biggest person in a cycling race (I have never raced with maggie backstedt). And this guy was no different. He just launched into this, "I'm going to kick your ass " tirade which quickly quieted down once he looked back and saw who he was yelling at. I love being big (for a bike racer).

Anyway, that episode was enough for me to be disgusted with roadies in general, the rain, and being in the back. I marched (actually rode, not marched, but like using mil terms when possible - ode to jonic) straight to the front and attacked. One dude with me, we rode for 2 laps by ourselves and got caught. Counter from a couple guys, I waited. Then I bridged. Caught again by another counter. This time, it was a single guy. And the group was letting him go prob because he was a single. So I went again for the 4th time. I knew they would all recognize that I had been off a bunch and the pack would figure I was tired. We were joined by one other hammerhead and that was the race. It was raining so hard you could barely see. We took advantage of the technical courners in the race to keep our speed up and tempo high. It was great. I finally had my chance to win a 3 up sprint (that wasnt a training race).

The other hammerhead and I put in way more work than the 3rd hurtin fella. THat was fine. I knew I could get him in the sprint. And around the last corner, I was 3rd wheel in great position. The only problem was that I didnt realize it was only about 100 yds to the finish, definately not enough time to get up. I blew up. Punked at the line by about 6 inches. So I racked up my 5th 2nd of the year.

Keith made the break (of course) while elliot and lucas crashed out hard. The rain made the course super technical. THen Keith score a flat tire with 4 miles to go. That sucks! Good thing keith made the break the next day at CSC masters. That guy can ride his bike.

My CSC race was less than steller. The clean current guys just went to the front and pinned it. There were 8 guys up the road after 3 laps. I was 3rd wheel in the chase and just burned too many matches trying to bridge. It was by far the fasted 123 race I have ever done. So 1/2 the field was pulled and then the clean current boys took 5 of the top 10 spots. Crazy.

Wick nasty, elliot and I took in the pro race and just loved checking out all the gear. Maggie was there and that guy is HUGE!

We scored a couple pics from gamjams. Thanks Danielle!

Check out the single file here. Turn one had land mine pot holes! Speeds required a lean way beyond my comfort zone.

Lucas looks really good here. None of us made the final 30 person selection. This race was fast!

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Chris said...

You better tell that guy to slow his roll!

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