Thursday, June 19, 2008

Working Man's Classic

Wick and I drove up to Richmond for two (of 3) nights racing. I had some work come up so we can to bolt home late last night. Nonetheless, there were some silly fast people there. I was happy to be as active as I was and able to ride with people who already are at a level I know I will never race at.

Baker Ellett of Blue Dog Properties took all the photos you see.

I rode the independent fabrication kit on day two because my team kit was smelly. I liked the green bar tape!

Buckles is one fast rider. thanks for the air mattress hotel. I went with buckles and gera on a prime counter. As soon as gera saw that I was on his wheel, he sat up and made me finish the bridge. As soon as I caught up to buckles and stoop, gera went again. Buckles and stoop followed, I was stuck in no man's land. Gera flatted, stoop won, buckles got 2nd, I got 28th-ish.

Green kit time!

I love looking at race photos. You can tell who is hurting just by checking out pain faces!

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Liz Schleeper said...

That race sure appeared to be a fantastic first year event. Every working man has his story, huh?