Thursday, May 21, 2009

First travel challenge

I had to wake up at 445 this morning to make my flight out of sfo. I
have to admit that I am not all that pumped about travelling for the
next 26 hours. But I am going to do all that I can to sleep for 23 of
those hours. When we would leave san diego enroute to Hawaii on the
carrier, I averaged 19 hours of sleep for 4 straight days. I was
proud of thy accomplishment.

I am travelling with 3 other haas boys enroute to Monrovia, Liberia.
Wow. We are consulting on a sustainable bamboo furniture business
plan. I will also be watching every exit and unruly characters. And
this time I have travel insurance. However, it is highly unlikely I
will encounter any avalanches in west Africa. Interesting note: one
of the fellas already forgot his wallet at home. His wife is bringing
it to the airport.

Second interesting note: this is the largest randy moss bobblehead
none to exist. It's 3 feet tall.

I should be on email and the blog over the next 3 weeks. If you don't
hear anything from me for a while, call the sheriff.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Do they have a sheriff in Monrovia????? I suppose it is going to be long-long distance!!
Take care... lcb