Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We are staying at a beach resort in congotown. And when I say beach resort, I mean that you'll likely get 100 bug bites on your face as you sleep at night in your cinderblock room. Justin looks like he has chicken pox slash he was attacked by mosquitos. Its likely he now has malaria.

There is no power grid here, only generators. We are at the mercy of the compound proprietor who promises power from 7pm to 7am. We count our blessings when the power lasts past 4 am. WE do have AC units to fight stifling heat at night, but when the generators go out, its time to lay in a pool of your own sweat, fight bugs, and think about the amazing weather in norcal.

I couldnt sleep past 530 yesterday so I went for a run on the beach. If you run east, you are likely to run into ex-combatants who'll likely hold you for ransom. I ran west. It took about 2 mins until I realized that dawn on the beach was synonymous morning bathroom time. I ran past no less than 5 people dropping a deuce out in the open right there on the beach. It kinda felt a little bit like telegraph, but there were less dreadlocks and less tie-dye.

At least we are making progress in determining the feasibility of our project. Alignment and motivational issues are east to assess.

One last thing, we found out today that the place we are staying is a hideout for russians looking for african professionals. And when I say professional, I mean the oldest kind. Sweet. And a monkey tried to steal my iphone as I was snapping pictures of him eating a red bull can.

FML. -jwb


ryan said...

sounds like an adventure. I have no doubt if you were captured for ransome you could use your steller good looks and tree trunk quads to ninja your way free from captivity

Emma said...

Stay safe J-dub! This is def an experience you'll never forget!!

Keepin' ya in my prayers...