Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday does not equal hump day

I wouldnt say that today was taxing. It was just kind of there. Lately I have been worried about stuff that in the grand scheme of things really doesnt matter. I got my Visa for Liberia today. So that became a little more real. I leave in 14 days. Pray for my safety and health. I'm worried about river blindness and being held for ransom.

I had to travel to 3 USPSs today to get the certified mail that was my passport. I was disappointed that something so simple would take such a large effort. It inspires me to be a better businessman and pay attention to details. I think that I'll be attentive and quick with details when it comes time to work again. Neglecting those things in the military will get you killed. Neglect details in your garage and the next thing you know wick is quietly saying "my B" because he just broke something on my bike. Neglect details in the things that make you happy in life and you'll be unhappy. So I devote this weblog to happiness.

Take a look at this pic. My house is just over the furthest ridge and covered by a cloud. I crossed over Grizzly peak and it was absolutely beautiful and 65 degrees. Dream day. Stopped to take this pic of the landscape and cows and just be in the moment.

I turned my phone's camera on myself and realized a couple things. Lately, in my no more than 3 rides per week, I've been wearing a perma smile. Things are just starting to get better. I really want this year to be over and to turn the page. The last couple of months have been absolute dogshit for me. And I'm not the kind of guy to complain about stuff like that publically. But red hats and smiles are for the best. Tough to swallow still, but that just means that I'm a human. My heart goes out to all those who have not had a smile like mine below in a while. I'm thinking about mike stoops and his condition. You are in my prayers. I'm thinking about toon and missing his wedding. This is a great regret for me. I am so sorry that I cant make (due to the Liberia trip that I figured would get cancelled) and feel like I am really letting you down. I left the military to avoid these kinds of situations.

I'm thinking about my mom on mom's day. I promise to take you to mom's day brunch next time we are together. Happy mom's day to mary--my 2nd mom. Happy mom's day to jmw and amb (you've earned it).

I got a text message from prague today. I can honestly say that I've never received an SMS from Europe. It was pretty cool in that a good friend took me back to the screen below. I think Friday weather in Vegas would be fantastic. Cheap tix anyone? Lastly, I found out tonight the janitor is named Glenn Mitchel......or tony. Either will work for me. But it'll be sad to not have that search for his name anymore.

Chris and Jarrett, just keep riding. Good things come to those who put in the work. I still believe in that. And I still believe in capitalism, the American Dream, and hope. Amen.


Toon said...

no worries at all, we understand the trip. we'll send pics of the wedding! keep smiling...

Chris said...

Beautiful area for a ride, great for the soul. The white RR jersey is BA.

Good luck in Liberia, stay safe. If you do get ransomed, we'll try to put some cash together...

Anonymous said...

Stopping to smell the roses... one never reqrets that! I am in on the cash if you get ransomed in Liberia! HA!Ha!

take care and thanks for the Mom's day wish... love you lots!! lcb