Sunday, May 24, 2009

Liberia presents some challenges. We are staying in a glorified ruck house where there are more bugs than Alaska. I am taking malaria pills so I am hoping that I wont get sick. The compound electricity is run via generator. However, the owner refuses to run outside of his set hours--which are 7pm to 7 am. So we accepted that. However, the generators usually cut out around 1 am and then again at 5am. So at 5am, I wake up and start burning up from the oppressive heat. I took off the sheet and got attacked by bugs this morning. I was so upset that I got up and went running.

It was still early and light was just cresting the horizon. We are staying near the southern coast and we were told that the beach is the safest place around. So I decided to run along the beach. Much to my dismay, the beach at sunrise is also the place where locals go to take care of the serious bowel movements. I saw at least 5 africans just squatting on the beach doign their business like it was no big deal.

We found out today that most people here make 50 cents a day. However, they are happy to charge us $17.00 for a nasty chicken dinner. So there is a disconnect between trying to sell $600 sets of furniture to these people. Just another alignment problem surrounding this entire trip.

As you can easily tell, I am a little more than upset with the circumstances around this social enterprise. We were told that we'd be staying in a hotel, have security, access to food and water, and have safe transportation. Oh, I am working for free by the way. Our IBD director didnt give us the tools necessary to be successful here.

I'll keep trying to bring events to the front as they unfold. And I will work on my attitude, but working in oppressive heat with no relief, insane taxi rides, and paying more for meals here than I do in the US makes for a frowning jw.

Making sure I end on a bright note for the day, Happy Birthday Annie


Glover said...

Amazing success can only follow huge challenge.

Chris said...

JW, sounds not fun. Tough to try to make the best of a crap situation, but I know you will and learn from it. Keep the updates coming, especially about the wonderful beach...kidding.

Anonymous said...


keep diggin brotha, theres bound to pony in there somewhere!!