Friday, August 8, 2008


It's finally here. The moment you've all been waiting for:

I got to devote this post to the kid. First, the pic. This photo
captures the essence and character of wick better than I could ever
describe. Just look at him. He's a preppy boy at heart. Those plaid
shorts just scream "I used to be a sailor!" he's got on some ragedy t-
shirt because a collar would just be too much. He always wears that
while heels hat because he claims he's from there. Whatever, I grew
up in Alaska and speak more intelligently about the tar heel dynasty
than wick (or fowler or glover for that matter! Bandwagon wannabes!).
Just one of you tell me why jeff lebo was important or the years he
played (without google)!

Back on topic. Wick also has this propensity to run out of shaving
gel every week. You might see him shave 2 times every 5 weeks. I
guess that's tough and manly, but I have never understood the 10 days
growth thing.

The absolute best part about the picture isn't how wick dresses or
manages his hygiene. The astute observer will immediately recognize
that wick doesn't even notice the camera! Rather, he is enjoying the
view to his left and without question has mumbled under his breath or
simply popped outloud: "WHO DISS??????"

I absolutely love it.

Wick was the little brother I never had. He is always breaking my sh!
t and trying to prove me wrong. He is starting to recognize that
simple time on the earth (bike racing or even plain old living) makes
a difference and that being the bigger person can be pretty damn
tough. But I love the kid even if his bike is too light! Now that I
am on the best coast, I hope his blog will help all of you keep tabs
on him. That job can be 24/7, just ask annie. But he needs some
peeps to ride with or he'll fond trouble. I am counting on the entire
tidewater crew to handle this!

Surgery for me in 7 hours. I will do my best to post afterward.
Please keep me in your prayers.


Glover said...

Check the link to Wick's blog.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you got the right address..... you forgot the 's' in blogspot.. try again!!- lcb

Wick said...

yeah son check the link!