Thursday, August 7, 2008

Locked up

Lucky for me my bike didn't get stolen at school today, but I know
some tree sitter was casing it from 55 feet up.

So I have this trash can in my bathroom that is up against the wall.
It's small-holds less than a gallon. The thing is, I have shot so
many baskets in my life (I figured near a million) that I just don't
miss. Serious. Q-tip, coke can, tissue, wadded paper, anything. I
just don't miss. I can make it rain, bank shot, center of the can,
lights out. Which takes me to Brett favre. Hero. One of the
toughest and all time most likeable pro athletes. But aren't you
kindof rooting for Aaron rogers-the 4th year 2nd string qb?

My case is that I think some people revel in being the underdog.
There are a bunch of reasons for this. It might be because no one
expects the underdog to succeed, no pressure. It might be that some
people are tired of seeing winners win. Or it might be that losers,
or people that set themselves up for failure, just expect to fail and
can only dream about besting the incumbent.

Parts of me have felt like an underdog my whole life. I think that is
a byproduct of my upbringing- no one expected my mother to be able to
do what she does-or for any of us kids to have any success.

Well, for the first time in my life, I feel like I have accomplished
something substantial. Granted, annapolis was hard, flight school was
difficult, and landing planes on carriers demands precision. However,
all of those things have laser guided direction. Transitioning from
the navy to where I am now has been full of obstacles and challenges-
all without a playbook.

So I feel like the underdog story that I have identified with my whole
life (including bike racing) has more or less turned the corner. This
place breeds success. People here expect that each and every student
will be immensely successful, and no I don't just mean financially.
It's just a weird, yet positive environment. And I feel like I am
better equiped to deal the challenges than the 26 year old who just
served 4 years as an analyst. I feel like I am no longer an under dog.

My question to you is, will you still root for me?


Anonymous said...

dreamer - you will reach your goals.. just like Annapolis & flying... you are gonna do it!
You may hit a few walls along the way, but you will pull yourself up and keep going. In the end... the underdog wins! -lcb

Glover said...

U suck!

Wick said...

here's the real question, while aaron rodgers might be an underdog of sorts, can we really consider him to be an underdog when he has accrued over 5 million beans for riding the bench the last three years. I know that sitting on the bench is a job I would apply for if the pay was that high. So while he might not be the packers starting QB, he's not what I would call an underdog

then again all this is a moot point since Brett Favre was traded to the jets this morning.