Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Riding Dirty

Looking for cash.

So I have been up all night trying to solve my insurance problem. They want a receipt for everything that was stolen from me. A pic might work they claim. Well, before I left Norfolk, I shredded all paperwork. So no receipts. Besides, who keeps receipts of clothes and shoes? Tools, maybe, but I didnt have those receipts either.

In my pic search, I found these two pics of Noah and I from Thanksgiving day 2003. This was the period when San Diego's East county burned for 5 days. We didnt realize how poor the air quality was until we got home. These pics are after 55 miles on the road on a sunny day. Weird.


Anonymous said...

YEAH BOY, THATZ THE ONLY WAY 2 RIDE!!!!!!!hope ya feelin betta???

Chris said...

You were a young buck back then.

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