Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Doing really great on night 2 of howework

So night two of homework has consisted of selling stuff on craigslist, folding laundry, and getting in a 3 hour ride. Above you see the new Cal Cycling team kit. I am actually pretty stoked to just ride in something different. But its really not that different from the navy kits I used to race. BLue and gold, cant get away from it.

Anyway, rode off the giant mountain and through downtown oakland. Yes, it is as scary as you might think. I stayed on the busy streets and found my way to the port of oakland. About 100 guys showed up and I would equate about 25 of them to a cross between bryan sorell, jeff buckles, or keith johnson. It wasnt really a race, it was just a 1.5 mile lap around the port. Flat as the sportsplex but much, much faster. I know all of you have been on lap 22 of the sportsplex tuesday nighter (i guess its wed night now) and bryan or keith are just putting the hurt on the field. I mean, they never put me in difficulty, wait, no, thats not right. Anyway, the entire gamut of ability was there. The field quickly wittled down to around 30 guys. And I was always caught behind the idiot who just couldnt close the gap. I remember one time looking down and seeing 35mph when I was trying to bridge. This ride was no joke and very fast. There were 25 Sorrells and buckles. My biggest problem is that I dont know who is who out here. A couple people gave me a pat for bridging when gaps opened up. Rob D, it was exactly like what you and I would talk about last year when we have to ride the bridge of a lifetime to get on the great bridge worlds.

I felt good and was able to make it to the end of the hour. I finished ahead of 2 other cal kids that were there. However, none of the above really matters because I have surgery this friday. Thats gonna lay me up for at least a week. Hernias suck.

So I am going to ride my indy fab to school tomorrow. I really dont want my bike to get stolen on day 3.

Yes, those are arm warmers, and undershirt, and I wore a vest too. It gets cold here in Aug when the sun goes down. Its weird. The ocean regulates this climate similar to San Diego except that its a bit cooler.

Now that its 1046, I guess I should start my homework.


Anonymous said...


You might be including me in a group that I do not belong. Just FYI, You also put me in the hurt locker a time or two at the sportplex while we were bridging up to a break or two. By the way, the one dog is just showing a dominance over the other. No sexual tendencies. The dog mounting is dominant over the other being mounted. Heal quickly and I am suprised you are only off the bike for a week. I wish it was cooler here. I love racing in colder weather. Glad to see you are continuing to do well.

Annie said...

Looking hot in your new team kit! CAL is lucky to have you:) Go Bears!

Emma said...

GOOD LUCK on Friday J-dub! I know you will heal quickly. I will be prayin' for ya!

The CAL kit is pretty similar to our old Navy kits...

You should still consider rockin' the light blue polka-dots after collegiate season is over ;)

Take care of yourself and make sure you get plenty of rest so you can heal properly! No pushing it until you are completely healed!

T.Karnes said...

that cali kit pic looks so myspace