Sunday, August 3, 2008

School starts on Monday

THis is me 2 days before New Years building up the R3. I have haphazardly been trying to sell it for a while. If anyone wants it, let me know. 58.

I love working on bikes. So much that I put off cleaning my room in order to put together my indy for commuting and tack on fenders to my roomate's mongoose commuter. Both will prob get stolen within a week. THat'll be interesting.

I need to get to bed because tomorrow is summer school day 1.

Raced an 85 field cat 3 race today. The hills have not robbed me of my power. HOwever, with that many people, it can be difficult to find a result. I tell elliot all the time that people will at least think you are hard if you attack attack attack. I went after completing a single lap. THis one kid recognized me from the race I did 2 weeks ago. They let us get to 15 seconds then the field brought us back. No counter. Weak. Preme, I countered with a 19 year old hot head. 5 laps by ourselves and they were letting us go. I loved it. But the kid blew up and couldnt even sit-on my wheel. I wasnt about to try to TT away from the field by myself for another 1/2 hour.
Another preme and I crossed the line in 5th place just trying to be near the front. I countered and two guys went with me. This one had potential. THe other dude was actually bigger than me, alot bigger. He was at least 6'5" and 230 lbs. But he was fit. Bryan Sorrell tall but seriously wide, yet fit. That was good for me. And then there was a 145#er with us who couldnt put down any power. So we used him to best of our ability. We got 13 seconds on the field and they had to single file chase us for a solid 7 laps. We got caught 400 meters from the finish. I went into the last corner 3rd wheel but just didnt have any power for the sprint after that solid 15 minute Max effort. Ended up 13th. Fun.

Hernia surgery on Friday. Say a prayer for me.


Annie said...

Good luck today! Hope you learn something in math camp!

Anonymous said...

Back to racing and now back to school..... hope you took pictures of your first day of school ... in years!!! HA...lcb

Wick said...

math camp! hahaha

cyclochris said...

You drive across the country and then say you're selling the R3 that fits me. Not that I could afford it, but I'm just saying.