Thursday, August 14, 2008

Class shenanigans

My accounting summer professor is boring me to tears. The iPhone has
allowed me to see that we scored gold and bronze with kristin
Armstrong and Levi! Cool. Then I became more bored and took this pic
of my working man's classic t shirt. And Haas name tag.
Stratton, my keirin culture super chromo shirt was stolen with the
rest of my gear. Any chance I could score another one? There are a
lot of crazie fixie riders here who tear apart their knees attempting
to get up 20% grade hills.

Of, when assets increase, it's called a debit. That seems counter
intuitive and ultra snoozable.


Anonymous said...

goofing off in school already???
Not a good sign. Account can be fun - pay attention~! -lcb

Glover said...

is that your clone over your left shoulder?

Chris said...


One of my least favorite classes, just not intuitive like you said.

Just remember, Assets = Liability + Equity or something like that.

Toon is home, Cezanne and I just had dinner with him and Michelle last night. Michelle leaves at 7am on Sunday, first ride commences at 715am...or so Toon jokes.

Wick said...

yo kid got a B+ in ACCT!! If you do anything less I will consider it a failure. and in case you were wondering when assets decrease thats called a credit, also counter-intuitive, you must have been snoozin during that part. Trust me, and as you now know, that class is an awesome place to make up on sleep!