Sunday, February 3, 2008

Day 2 at LeBleu Training Camp

Seigler's team Volvo. Tight.

The gang getting ready to ride. Click to make bigger!
Blog Bully is always giving people a hard time. Here he is picking on young elliott. Rarely does the bully pic on someone bigger than him.

They were jus playin. I know they will always be BFF!

This morning was a good start.

Harlen rolling out with LeBleu.

The houses (we have two) woke up sometime after 7 and I heard everyone rustling around 8. A solid 8.5 hours of sleep was very nice. I can honestly say that I cant remember a night where I was in bed before midnight.

My regular readers will remember Wick's absolutely rough socks from earlier this month. His were wicked witch of the East striped white and black. Lucas is looking very non-pro with these awful zebra socks. The worst part is that he had a "friend" visiting whom he wanted to impress. I dont know what she thinks, but these socks need to go straight to the trash. Rough.

This is Elliott & Lucas's friend Jackie Kurth. She is a national junior road race champ for 2006 and a member of the womens Kenda Elite Pro Team. She had hot bar tape--totally silver. She also make the high school phenoms put their best manners on display.

The national champ and Lucas.

I took a decent beating for having really hairy legs. Most roadies scoff at this idea (Glover loves hair and thats pretty gross). Its not a vanity thing (I think Bryan might think it is) but the real reason is that when you crash and your leg gets scraped accross the pavement, the hair just pulls out your skin. Rough. So I shore my legs this morning. Before and after photos right here.


Post shave. You can also see the results of a crash on my left leg up near my shorts. This crash was 2 years ago and hurt a ton. (Very Pro socks!)

Its hard to see, but Glover rolls with more hair than normal people. Funny thing is that it looks like his BUSINESS socks disallow hair to grow low on his legs. He claims that he's never grown any there. Right. He and I have a line bet on the SuperBowl and if I win, he shaves his very non-pro legs.

Elliott is always telling me that I have tree trunk legs. At this mile 60 rest stop, he wanted to sit close so that his legs would grow by osmosis. That was some funny business.

Today's Mileage

Riding Time

We finished up the ride in a very busy highway and almost died about 12 times. I was happy to get back, sit in the tub, take a shower, and reward myself with a full throttle. Now the super bowl!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure riding in 80 degree weather is completly diff from what you're used to. How was the full throttle? BTW Nice legs!
K :)

Anonymous said...

dude seriously though cut back on the miles. I gotta be able to keep up when you get back!! - wick

Anonymous said...

Wow... just like pros... guess we'll be expecting pro results from LeBleu when you guys get back!

Anonymous said...

Yo, what happened w/ that bet?