Tuesday, February 26, 2008

No sleep til Brooklyn!

I am pretty sure the reason I got beat at the line and took 2nd is because no matter what I do, I cannot get myself to bed before midnight--ever. I am sure this isnt healthy and is probably taking years off my life in addition to making me slower. But anyway, I am happy to be healthy and ride my bike. Here's some pics from the A Snow Ball Crit this weekend. Geno took the field sprint for 4th. It was our race to lose and we lost it. Kblog has a really cool video format on his blog. Check it out! Otherwise, thank Harlan for these very nice pics.

Look how hard Keith is to follow--he is just so stretched out that he doesnt really break the wind.

Geno in the drops.

I am so much taller than everyone else. Just wait until I gain some fitness and swap my high-rise stem. Plus check those hot white gloves. Looking good is half the battle.

Check out keith.

Bryan looks really good on the bike. He's near gener's size in this pic. 6'5" vs 5'3". Weird.

Same scenario.

Geno with Pro-White tires!

super long stem here...

Having the lightest bike on raceday has to count for something. Plus black on white looks fast.

The Dawg made the blog! Awesome posts lately kdawg!

This weekend a road race in SC.


Oregondann said...

Where are the white shoes?

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize GeneR was that tall?


Glover said...

Those pics are of the A "chase". The race was up the road.

Kevin said...

you can sleep when you die...

Anonymous said...

Correction, looking good is not half the battle. It is the whole battle - Wick

Anonymous said...

You're so color coordinated now! Seriously the gloves are a nice touch. Cool pics.