Monday, February 18, 2008

San Diego From the Air

Sometimes when you are flying in your uncomfy aisle seat on southwest, you complain about legroom and lack of meal service. The pilot may be a little more uncomfortable than you because they are looking at the following approach.

This touch and go was pretty cool in that the field was VFR (visual flight rules) for the 1st half of the runway but the wind pushed the fog bank over the second half of the runway producing an IMC (instrument meteorlogical condition) and IFR (instrument flight rules). My pilot friends will laugh at me for this, but for non-pilots, this looks pretty cool.

We completed our touch and go and departed the airspace VFR. This was San Clemente Island 100 miles West of San Diego. We flew back to North Island and completed the bay approach which flies directly over the Coronado bridge and downtown. This is by far one of the most scenic approaches in the world!

Look, Petco Park!

The convention center.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy SD. Your blog is interesting.... I keep waiting to hear about AK... lcb

Gene Fowler said...

Cool pics big man!

Glover said...

Hey Maverick. Who's flying the plane when you are showboating w/ that camera?

Liz Schleeper said...

Yes, for this nonpilot it makes me queezy to see the touch and goes. Nice downtown photos.