Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Day 4 at LeBleu Training Camp

Geno and Terry have this crazy machine that shoots milivolts into your legs. I put it on last night and it made my legs lift off the luxery beach chair I was enjoying. I am not sure what it is supposed to do or even if it worked, but I had the best day of the week on the longest ride!

This crazy palace is at mile 15 of our daily ride.

What creek is that? Palahala ala kala ha

We emptied the moon pie buckets at the mile 50 rest stop.

I was in rough shape after today's ride. One cool thing is that my hair is getting longer and my beard is coming in nice. The group split up after only 25 miles today. We completed some serious climbing up mount sugarloaf (the highest elevation in FL) and dropped off the high school phenoms and gener. Then Bryan, Harlan, myself, Geno, Ethan, and Keith proceeded on a 25 mile death march back to the house. Bryan was on the front for 10 miles pulling us into the wind at 24 mph. It was seriously silly. I was happy to just hang on.

Mile 50 rest stop with the fellas. Me being huge, Bryan in the center, Wes and Lucas in the frog gear.

The country here is suprisingly rolling. It was a bad choice to take a pic at the bottom of this climb.

Longest mileage of the camp for me.

We came accross these crazy kids that were skating down this monster hill. This kid was going downhill next to Kieth at near 40 mph--with no helmet or pads. Absolutely crazy!

Happy Fat Tuesday!

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Anonymous said...

I love all your pictures. Makes me feel like I'm there. Love the hair!
K :)