Saturday, February 2, 2008

LeBleu! slash Seigler

Wow, so much has happened in this past week. I got into Berkeley and then the next day submitted my letter of resignation to the Navy. What a life change!

Then, on the 31st, I went flying with TMFD up to Atlantic City. See aerial pics below. While I was flying, my phone vibrated in my flight suit. Upone landing, I checked my v-mail and Darden had called. I got in!!!! Yes. So now I have a choice of top MBA programs! I feel very fortunate.

That night, I had to pack because the next day, the LeBleu training camp was driving south. We drove from Norfolk to NAS Jax and spent the night. We woke up and drove another couple hours to Clermont, FL (just outside of Disney World). So there are 15 of us down here ranging from age 16 to 48 all putting in miles so that we'll have a great racing season.

Its a really cool mix of guys. Wes Seigler is here. He was a pro in Europe and has some crazy stories. We have two high school phenoms who are both faster than me. We have a bunch of dudes who just love to ride their bikes.

Today we put in 79 miles in a little more than 4 hours. (check pics below)

We also passed this crazy country club. I'll try to take more pics as we ride.

Also, it was the first mass appearance of the LeBleu team kit. Geno describes it as very non-violent. I welcome all comments! Team pic in the morning!

Atlantic City Baby!

79 Miles in 85 degree temps was not so easy!

4 hours, 9 mins, 11 seconds means about 19.8 mph

The kit in full effect. You can see the Seigler Boys up near the front.

I cant believe I got into Darden!


Anonymous said...

Lookin good in Fla!

I say Darden all the way!


Anonymous said...

You are always on the go.... hope you enjoyed your weekend!!! lcb