Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Day 5 at LeBleu Training Camp

Today was a super easy day where most of us only rode for 25 to 30 miles at a snails pace. Keith, Big Mike, Ethan and Myself worked our way over to Melborne where Keith grew up. It was pretty cool to see the house on the beach where he was raised. We were also treated to some other sights along the way. This kid was the happiest peach in the tree. His candy red donk was getting a fresh new pair of tweny-foes tomorrow. He was certain to tell me in the midst of his car driving-cell phone talking-quad 15s pumping escapade that his car was about to be "done up right."

I think he could easily roll 26s.
He said he wanted to play basketball for UNC (sorry geno and g-lover!)

Keith claimed this house was owned by some german beer magnate who hated sunlight but still wanted a house on the beach. Hey, I ride a $4000 bike--to each his own!

Big Mike enjoying the day and crushing dodge bumpers.

Kieth literally walking down memory lane on the beach in front of the home where he grew up.
A happy keith.

Mom, I was here today! (click on pic to make bigger and then see little red "YOu are Here" tab in the bottom right.

Me and Ethan loving the A1A--beachfront avenue!
Ethan, lean and mean, ready to rip up New Mexico.
The hardman does have a soft side--who knew?
Tomorrow a 100 mile slugfest......

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