Monday, February 4, 2008

Day 3 at LeBleu Training Camp

I was pooped after yesterday's ride.

Mileage today was very hard. We rode out of the house around 10 and were gone for near 5 hours. The group is moving in different directions. 3 crazy guys went for more than 100 miles in this unreal heat. I thought about going that long, but figured my 3rd day at 80 miles in 85 degree heat was more than enough. Turns out I made a good decision. I was crushed when I got back today. The fact that I wore a black jersey definately did not help my case. I took my camera on the ride but somehow lost all those pics. I dont know where they went and am unhappy that I lost those photos. More to follow tomorrow.

Rob's bike has a pretty decent motivator on the down tube.

Elliott's radar is always on max. He found this nice young floridian in a supermarket.

More good news is that Wick checked my mail today. I received my acceptance package from Darden and received a 1/2 tuition scholarship. I really have a tough decision now!

I also spoke with a realtor today. Anyone want to buy a house in Larchmont? Please pass the word. My house is right next to ODU, has a good school district, and is more or less brand new (built in 2006).

I will encertain the rider pics are better tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

indeed elliots got a good eye, way to go kid - wick

alesha said...

....And why isn't that hat placed backward on your head in that 1st photo?!?
You should know better than that! ;-)