Wednesday, February 6, 2008

give me a break

I will say this only once. This is a PG, family orientated (my mother reads this daily), only for fun blog. If you have something to say, even if it is so demeaning that you wouldnt want your own family to see it, I invite you to say it--just leave your name. Once I see your rude comment (it might actually be funny depending on who were leaving the comment), I will decide if this is the correct forum for you to post your onslaught. Or I will catch up with you on personal email.

All this being said, I love it that some people check this blog and then call me and my teammates fat. Thats fine. I also love it that you accuse me and my friends of cheating--fine. But I laugh that you spend time on this site not because you are truly interested in whats happening in our lives, but because you need to feel good about yourself making annonymous comments. Just be a man or woman and own up to your word. Otherwise, I will disallow you to post.

Cycling is supposed to be fun. Many people have taken this sport that I love so much and for some reason have become bitter about it. Well, whatever the cause of your bitterness, feel free to express your disdain, just be big enough to leave your name, then prepare for me to delete your message (because I prob dont know you anyway and most definately dont care about you or your opinion) or I will poke the same fun at you that you are enjoying poking at me.

any questions? feel free to email me


Kevin said...

Damn Right!

Anonymous said...

need more picts of my favorite LeBleu riders!!! Don't want to forget what you look like -- lcb

chris d said...

The haters are everywhere.

Looks like y'all are having a fine time.