Thursday, February 7, 2008

Day 6 at LeBleu Training Camp

A very few lucky number of us have yet to tune the television to the G4 cable station. ON G4, the above show exists. Ninja Challenge is probably the raddest show to ever grace cable (save Nip/Tuck). Basically, amazing athletes attempt to complete tasks that a ninja would need to accomplish. My favorite is the curtain crawl, where the ninja wannabe must use only his hands to traverse a curtain suspended above a moat. Most attempts end in contestants falling from said curtain into the moat. Other games include wall climbs, vertical leaps, and hand over hand crawling. Nice. Today Bryan pretty much showed the strength (again) to be a successful contestant on Ninja Challenge. At mile 90, he pulled us at 30 mph for 5 miles by himself. Who does that?

Lucas found some giant birds who had beaks like steak knives.

The birds were friendly enough to eat.

Lucas is 6'2, the birds were at least 4 feet tall.

Kim, terry finally made the blog! He says I talk in my sleep.

Time and mileage.

100 miler!


We're smiling cause in a minute we're gonna rip your legs off!

Keith and Bryan

Long line of jerseys.

Here lizard lizard.

These are everywhere.


Harlen is a hard man.

Who says there are no hills in FL?

Mom, this is what I look like!

I have a decent beard coming in!
Everyday something cool happens to one of us. Big Mike dented a dodge truck bumper. Today was Rob's turn. He decided that he just needed some solo miles. He went out and slogged through a 100 mile BY HIMSELF! I was able to snap this pic before he tore off on his own. He came back to the house, tore off his jersey, and hot tubbed himself with reckless abandon. This ride will be talked about in the years to follow.

Blog Bully

Ethan chilling like a villian

Peace Geno

Just another pic of Terry. He told me that his wife requested pics.


Kevin said...

good job ya'll !

The only 100 miler i do is once a year on a mtb in Shenandoah...

Anonymous said...

six days of riding.. only a bike lover could understand!
Who knew -- way back in AK -- when you bought that first bike... it would lead to six days of riding 30-50 miles a day! Enjoy your rides... talk soon! lcb Will you be taking your bike to AK? you can ride in the snow... : )

Anonymous said...

jim-love the pics. however, your mom informed me that you have a pic of you in your speedo. that's the one i want to see. the dirty old broad in the cube beside mom.......michelle