Saturday, February 16, 2008

Its Late

This week has been a very busy, between work, catching up with San Diego friends, riding, and taking a ton of pics, I have barely had time to sleep.

I just had to share a couple of experiences with my loyal readers. This is the top of Mt Solidad in SD. A few people wanted this cross to not be the highest point of property in the area--despite the fact that this is private property.

Awe San Diego--which in German means "Whales Va-JJ"

Smitty will be a san diego staple for years to come. And yes, thats animal on his chest. Long live det 4!

What a pic
Animal style. Fresh, never frozen. It just doesnt get any better than this!


Anonymous said...

In-Out burger... you are looking at a $4.99 heart attack~!
You are a brave person eating that... a clogged artery at best!

Jeff said...

Wow!! What a work of art...I would love one of those right now. Hey, let me know how the skiing is in AK.

Cousin Jeff