Sunday, February 10, 2008

Taxes Filed at 1:37 AM

I have been pounding out my taxes on for the past 3 hours. Thats no way to spend a Sunday night.

Anyway, I am excited for the upcomming week. I'll be in San Diego loving life and "working" for the next 13 days. Feel bad for me, I know.

My friend Chris Brianas sent me the following link. Cyclists will enjoy this read.

Chris and I are going to roll up the Nation's West-most highway on wed and then pound up Palomar Mtn on Thurs or Friday. Of course I will find a way to ride Noble Canyon. What a life I lead.
This pic came from the above link. This is Bobby Julich's training bike. I thought Geno's Cheater Chainrings were crazy. This is PRO-crazy.

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