Friday, July 4, 2008

69 miles of fun

So its prob no surprise that when I was writing down the top ten gc numbers on tape for my handlebar, I noticed I was 913. 13! I am not superstitious by any means, but I think that number may have had a play on today's happenings?

The 3 race was an 11 mile circuit 6 laps with points on every king of the mountain climb. It was raining and visibility was absolutely nill when we started. I was lucky to have annie to give me feeds near the top of every climb. I was prob 30th place starting out the race. We decended at 40 mph right off the line. I didnt really like that very much so I just went off the front for a couple miles to warm my legs and not spend any nervous energy braking or crashing. I was happy to not be eating grit in my teeth for those 15 mins but also half wishing some other crazy kid would come up and spend some time on the front with me. Didnt work. I was easily caught up on the first climb up to the feed zone. No worries.

Well, worries started about 4 mins later when we started the 50mph descent and I was in 50th place. weighing 200lbs, I didnt even have to pedal or tuck or anything to move up to the front. I was terrified though. It was seriously hard to see anything and my brakes didnt work well on the carbon rims. Wow. I drifted to the front again just out of my gravity assisted inertia. Another lap in the pack. Well, I didnt want to be so far back on the next descent. So I just stayed up near the front. Again, didnt tuck or anything but still hit 55 mph without any problem. Another med sized guy stayed in my draft and we had a solid 200 yds on the strung out field. I asked him if he wanted to go. He obliged. I started to pull pretty hard. We worked well together put old boy had an srm. He was absolutely unwilling to go above his pre-set wattage for the day. I was curious about this and didnt really understand it. I mean, at one point, we were climbing at 9 mph! I could have gone plenty harder and should have done so. I should have just left him. Anyway. We crested the KOM and I let him have the points after a discussion about the gc. I was 12th, he was 20th. We build a 2:10 lead. Nice.

At this point, the masters were about to come past the 3 field. The officials told them to start racing or the they would neutralize. This is where the 13 didnt help me. Our lead went from 2 mins (with my breakaway companion's teamates doign a great job of blocking) to 30 seconds in a very short time. I am sure there were some communication error, but I dont like it when the officials dictate a race. After 20 miles, we got caught.

Another lap with the field as the masters passed us. 5th time up the hill with no worries. Another descent. This time 58mph. Fun, but I found myself at the front again. I figured I the finishing climb would light up so I just kind of pedalled off. I was off the front for another 10 miles by myself with people cheering me on. I feel my only mistake was not putting on a better ratio cassette. I had a 23 and needed a 25 or 26. Was caught on the KOM line with 5 k to go by a breakaway group of 8. There was one kid in this group who was no more than 110 lbs. 3 australian national team members and some other rails thin fellas. NO place for a 200lber. I rode with them for a while and decided that I was under geared.

Anyway, the main group was shattered and smaller groups kept coming across. I enjoyed the climb but just needed some another tooth in my rear cog. I was never in severe pain, but was only spinning at about 50 rpm. NOt good. I tried to keep my losses at a minimum and ended up 57th at 3:24 back. I thought I was woudl have done much worse.

I lit up some matches and should have probably just saved them for the next two days. But I scored some points in the points race and am happy about that. Tomorrow is another day and suits my style. I cant wait for the crit. Those skinny kids got nothing on me!

More tomorrow.



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D.B.O. said...

i`m eating a pizza for ya tonite, keep on hammerin!!!!!!!!!fellow big man....................

Chris said...

jdub! Nice work being in the mix and animating the stage!

Good luck the rest of the way, including today's ride (which is probably over).

Looking forwarding to riding with you out here in California. When you pull away and crush me, just loop back around to pick me up.

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