Thursday, July 31, 2008

OVer the bridge and under the rain

I'm in the open, I'm in the way.

Very few who read this blog know adam turner. I lived with him and hippleshevit when I first moved to VA Beach waaaaaay back in summer 01. Jackson was Adam's big yellow lab. He was the best dog I have ever known. HOWEVER, this gentleman pictured above has taken the lead. Ozzie is without question the best dog I have ever known. He loves everyone. He even humps the face of the giant Rottweiler hugo. YOu have to be liked if a Rottweiler will let you hump his FACE! Bryan, can you explain that behavior?

Anyway, Ozzie just got his therapy dog license and I wanted to give him a shout out. What a great guy. I dog sat him a bunch of times and he'd shed like a catholic in a house of ill repute. THat'd make me mad because I would have to spend about 3 hours vacuuming up after him. But how can you stay mad at a puppy like this? I made his bed on the floor next to mine and somehow he'd end up on my bed by about 3 am. YOu just cant kick a guy like this off!

Happy b-day shippy.

Lastly, the insurance adjuster FINALLY called today. She sent me an email that I never received and is asking for proof of ownership. I might have her call some of you to verify my possessions. I know she is going to drop her jaw when she sees how much bike gear was stolen. I have already spent $8779 replacing tools, clothes, bike parts, and missing items. I am about $1000 short and have a $500 deductible. Lucky me.

Meet the 4th roomate tonight. So far everything is peachy. I need a new computer for class. Anyone have any suggestions?

Oh, rode 35 miles today down wildcat canyon. This descent is crazy. 40mph without a single pedal stroke and sitting up in the wind. I am sure that if I pedaled, I could fly off the mountain and no one would ever knew I were missing. I love that kind of adventure/risk. Come ride with me. Tall Capo socks rule!


Wick said...

Don't buy dell, they suck balls! sorry jim's mom for the language but it must be said, because they really do. Anyways tall capos agreed, nothing better than matched with ballin white sidi's

jw said...

dude, are you seriously still up? Kid needs a new pair of sidis! My whites are getting tired and grey.

Anonymous said...

saddle soap, a clean toothbrush and some cold white sidis are goin strong 2 and a half years later.....tall capos all the way. I've got like 7 pair.


Anonymous said...

dells suck...I've heard great things about sony vaio's and the new toshibas (toshiba sponsors a pro team here in the states as well if that helps sway you at all) They kick my head in every week.


Emma said... gotta get a Mac! The rest suck!

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