Sunday, July 20, 2008

Long sleeves and a bottle of wine

It was just too cold to ride and warm up in the short sleeve kit. 60
degrees plus the wind chill saw me shaking like a ninny. I raced in
short sleeves though.

Prob 70 racers and in typical fashion, I rode a lap then vaulted off
the front. Another guy joined me for a nice 8 lap solo effort never
gaining more than 15 seconds. No biggie.

I countered the 1st preme and had 4 guys away again. But apparently
the big teams didn't like their players in that break. Brought back
again. There were prob 5 teams with 5 or more guys. This made for
some predictable and reasonable racing. Teams controlled the race as
they should.

This meant that instead of making something happen myself, I was at
the mercy of the larger teams. Just as I realized this, a group of
six got away. Teammates were blocking forthis group. Great
opportunity for me. I waited until they were almost a complete city
block ahead and then took off on my bridge. No one came with me.
Nice, two laps by myself and I was able to close. But when I got
there, too many softpulls allowed the single file main group to get
within 10 seconds.

Our break didn't stick. I never understand this, all the $ is up the
road and no one is willing to work.

Some kid was sitting in front of the lap board and I didn't see it
until one to go. Bad news for me. Finished in the teens.

The good news is that I felt fine even after only 2 serious riding
days in the past 14. And the race announcer loved it that I tried to
innitiate or cover every break. He named me the most aggressive rider
in the race and gave me a bottle of wine. A Pinot called cycles
gladiator. Cool.

After this accolade, a bunch of dudes congratulated me and asked about
le bleu. I guess it's time to look for a new bay area team. One team
is light blue pocadots. I don't think I can do that.


Anonymous said...

Found myself up & rolling last nite too. Got a few kinks to work out... no where near your level... but sure did feel good to be rolling along! lcb

D-BO!! said...

i sure could use that longsleeve jersey!!!!!! enjoy the wine, it was hot as balls at bryan park...i`m sure you`ll make a nice addittion to any team!!!!!later...

Anonymous said...

Oh dude you gotta pick the team with the best kit!! And if there aren't any hot ones start your own team, just keep racing like you do and plenty of peeps will come on board - Wick

Emma said...

Aw, c'mon J-dub! You should totally rock the light blue polkadots!

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