Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Long road to fitchburg

Holy business! It was a really long drive from dc up to ma. The
traffic in ny was really rough. But elliot, Lucas, annie and I are
here, ready to race. I promise to give lots of updates over the tt,
road race, circuit race, and crit.

Pray for our safety. I heard their is a 60mph downhill!

The drive almost took elliot to the loony bin. I think the pic (click
to make bigger), tells the whole story.


Chris said...

It would look like you were heading straight for the bushes if it wasn't for the reflection in the rearview mirror.

Sounds like an adventure.

Good luck racing, looking forward to the postings.

Tour starts Saturday, new Garmin Argyle unveiled tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

looking forward to a winning report...let me know how you did

be careful~!

phillip (ryan) said...

put elliot in a pretzel again

Glover said...

Posting pics of young boys now, eh, Bender?

Anonymous said...

say hi to laura cook for me....she`ll be in pink!!!!

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