Sunday, July 6, 2008

Finally a race that suits me

I started to think about it last night. I really have never done a 4
day race before. I have definately put in 4 hard days of training.
But never efforts like this. Hindsite is 20/20 and I learned a lot.

Lesson one, get a better race report than a junior that's never raced
Fitchburg before can provide-use the 27 on the crazy climb.

Lesson 2: don't go off the front in a 70 mile road race with improper

Lesson 3: some one who listens to heart rate monitors or power meters
to determine their racing effort should NEVER be trusted.

Lesson 4: teamates who race well together will do well. Racing
against said teams is hard.

Lesson 5: just because someone is wearing the race leaders jersey does
not mean they have any idea how to corner at speed.

Lesson 6: a little luck and tons of effort can bring results.

Ok, now for the race report. I was delighted to not have to be up
early for junior race. Elliot and Lucas hung up the towel yesterday.
No legs. I was hurting after yesterdays circuit race and nasty
climbing each lap. I used some of the starkey massage cream on my
hamstrings and that goo worked well to keep me warm (tim aka father
time, where can I find more?). My race was at 1030.

I got a good warm up and was first onto scary last corner. Thank
goodness I was checking my speed. My rear wheel skipped out and
somehow I stayed upright. Foreshadowing.

I think everyone's legs were tired because no one could really put
down any power. I tried once but no one came with me and I was sure I
couldn't solo away from 103 of the best 3s on the east coast. So I
conserved and stated near the front through the first 20 laps.

Lap 21 and the 101lb race leader somehow manages to cross up his front
wheel through the scary rough corner. I was only 5 wheels behind him
but couldn't avoid it. Honestly, I was more worried about my bike
than my body. Two years without a crash. Guess I was due.

The part that is less than wonderful is that there were at least 40
dudes in this crash. So as I was trying to get up, a guy would come
and plow into the back of the mess and knock everyone over again. My
knee is bleeding. I think we had 9 to go at this point. I had to run
half a lap to sram nuerral support for a new front wheel. I had no
sea how the officials would deal with us since there were so many
crashers. By the time I got there, the field had already passed and
at least 30 crashers were already back in the field. 10 or so of us
were still in the pit looking for gear!

I was back in with 7 to go. I was sure to stay top ten and everyone
was all of a sudden super cautious through the rough turn.

Worked my way to the front and foundd the wheel of the Aussie leadout
man. He pulled with 1/2 lap. Another few guys pulled through and I
fought for 2nd wheel through the rough turn.

I thought this would be a great plan but the dude on the front didnt
pull off, he just sat up. I had to brake and swirve to avoid another
crash. Then it was a 250 meter drag race with 103 guys. I got 6th.
12th in the uphill tt and 6th in the crit. I am certain that if I had
raced just a little smarter, I could have easily preserved my 12th
place in the gc. Oh well, live and learn.

My knee is jacked. Got a hole in my fork. Dani, does cervelo have a
crash replacement program? And I need a new dura ace right shifter
top cap. wick can you look up that piece for me?

Now we fight the 4th of July traffic home. Then tomorrow morning
bright and early I am off for the west coast.

Miss you Hampton roads riders. If anyone wants to come to the bay for
a serious training camp, holla!

Leave a comment if you've been following this past week!


Anonymous said...

kick azz!!! february sound good???

Anonymous said...

yo I found those shifter caps in my toolbox, thats right i do actually have tools. got 2 of em 10 spd DA caps lemme know if you need one or both, they are both new - wick

Gene Fowler said...

Great job big man!

Have a safe trip out west!

God Speed


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a blast in Mass.

Glover said...

I hope you are going to stop in Vegas on your way out west

Ryan (phillip) said...

Your number 1 ranked cat 3 criterium rider in country in case you were wondering, rankings can be found on usa cycling. i'll miss ya man

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