Wednesday, July 23, 2008


This pic is for wick. This explorer is more rad than yours because of
the plates. Va is out of control with personalized plates. I love
you keith and "I drop u" is one of the better ones, but seriously
peeps, take a pill for 5 mins.

Thanks to emma for reminding me how to spell polka-dots. Read her
blog on the right and pray for her health! Get better girl.

Today was unpacking day 1. I will have many of these days.

I have to go get my hernia consult tomorrow and that means driving to
travis air force base to the clinic. Haircut from Wang lulu turned
out not too bad for my salad. Of course Wang lulu didn't take credit
so she kept saying "you pay now!". I kept thinking of dude where's my
car: "and then......"

Then I met a dude for a cal group ride. About 15 kids showed up and I
was the oldest by far! Weird. Wick replaces me as youngest now on
sr, but flipping roles is interesting. Imagine 15 kids like elliot,
Lucas, and Tyler who all think they know everything about bike racing
and what I need to do to compensate for my 200# frame. I didn't tell
anyone that I have had some decent success on the bike. It is funny
to me that people who don't know you and have never seen you ride will
talk down to you even if you are in a pro-tour team bike that costs
more than their car.

I was ok with it because their were all congratulating me after I
climbed with the lead group of 4 guys. It was just fun to watch them
flip sides/attitudes: It was possible I had a clue as to what I was
doing, and maybe I had raced something beyond cat 5. Fun.

Anyway, great 2 hour ride with some serious climbs and a 55mph
descent. Cool. Met a cool kid who was very interested in my riding
and why I quit the navy. All these people soak up the pilot stint.
He was a metro-mint rider in light blue polka-dots. Maybe their kit
will grow on me.

You should be studying for an exam instead of checking the blog!


Anonymous said...

hahaha dude i don't have another exam for like 24 hours, thats plenty of time to get some light reading and procrastination in before I "hit" the books - wick

Kevin said...

Wick is on SR?
Roadies are such snobs like that... Funny how they changed their tune after riding with ya.
Dude, I didn't know you were a baller. You should see my game, it's like the and one mix tape tour yo!
I should get back to studying.
I've been trying to adopt wick, but elliot has quite the grip on kid...

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