Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy birthday mom!!!

She never wants anyone to know, but celebrate my mom's birthday with me.

Finally got an opportunity to wash the car and take off the 23tooth
cassette on the slc. Otherwise, unpacked more of the kitchen and
worked in the garage. Not much else.

The morning is a huge day for the tour and my 1st official sat ride
with the team. I am almost done with the insurance replacing items,
now I just need to get insurance to pay up.

This pic is 1 block from my house. Any riders want to come out for a


Chris said...

Happy Birthday J-dub's Mom!

Nice view from close to your place.

Huge day today in the tour. I wish Vande Velde hadn't lost time by crashing on that one descent, he would have been on the podium.

A reporter asked him a few days ago if he was thinking about next year's Tour and he said he's been thinking about it for the past week and a half. Look out next year! I have to figure out what that hump on his back was... it was too big to be a radio. An Garmin-Chipotle aero edge? Maybe to smooth the flow from the helmet to the back? Weird.

What's the deal with Schumacher and these time trials?

Cancellara has been on the front destroying people for CSC-Saxo Bank (along with O'Grady), so he was probably a little tired, but still got second.

Kevin said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday jim's mom!!

D-BO!! said...

i`m starting to save my money now!!look for me in 09!!!!

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