Thursday, July 24, 2008

Unpacking day 2

Had to drive up to travis AFB just to be sure that the last surgeon I
saw wasn't crazy and that I do in fact have a hernia. This whole mess
is frustrating me because it's going in 3 months now and no one is
willing to just schedule me for surgery. I keep telling myself, and
annie reminds me daily, that everything happens for a reason.

While I was at travis, hit up the commissary for some reasonably
priced groceries. Berkeley is insane for grocery prices! $300 of
staple nutrition.

Then I came home, missed the group rode by half an hour, then I
chipped my tooth. It was just a bad day.

But this shooting/warmup jersey made me smile. I used to live for
basketball, played 11 months/year. I was even the 1st walkon at navy
(all varsity athletes are recruited and navy never takes anyone during
tryouts). I could shoot the ball. Those were the good old days.
Plus I had the number 30, which ended up being my squadron number
too. Funny how that stuff works.

Tomorrow will be a better day. We are finally getting Internet and I
need to craigslist a ton of stuff. Anyone need size 46 sidi black
dominators? They'll sell fast.

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D-BO!! said...

damn now i know i gotz to come out and see ya, man ,i can ball, no organized play but 30 years on the playground, and another 4 coaching!!!! i will school you!!!

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