Thursday, July 17, 2008

Leaving Las Vegas


> I wasn't really sad when I drove away from my longest vegas stint.
> I came out of there with all hotels comped (premium room at the
> palms in the new tower danny), all meals paid, all partying paid,
> all cab rides and club admissions paid (never any lines for this
> guy), enough cash to pay for all the fuel from Norfolk to Berkeley,
> and enough cash to cover my $500 theft deductible and buy a new
> school laptop. Yeah for me!
> The drive out of vegas wasn't that bad. 9 hours to drive 550
> miles. When ben, my new roomy, and I got to tony's house (99
> Annapolis seal just completed his 1st year at haas and currently
> interning with a military owned comm real estate firm in la), there
> was absolutely no where to park. Every spot was reserved so I had
> to park near some school and I am sure I'll be towed. However, I
> took everything out of the truck so there'd be nothing to steal.
> All of my possessions are in tony's office not getting stolen.
> Quick note: absolutely no problems with parking lot security at the
> palms.
> Tomorrow I am driving to see the rental. 901 hilldale ave,
> Berkeley, ca 94708. Please send all house warming gifts now so that
> when I take the house on Monday, I'll have some mail.
> Kblog, wick nasty said you are adopting him now that I am gone. I
> think that job will take more of a team effort from you family
> guys. Wick can have a thick skull about some things (like guaging
> efforts on the front) but is a pretty good kid otherwise. Big ups
> to tkarnes for showing up at wed night circles race. I hear kid's
> getting stronger. Bigger ups to wick nasty for being there at the
> end. Took longer than I thought, but you are speeding up guy!
> Finally, thanks tommy urso for taking care of me at the palms.
> Danny e, how was your poker game?
> Corey carp-dawg, call m&m immediately.
> Gf, chill pill for 5 seconds while I figure out my skedg.

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Oregondann said...

Thank you for not mentioning my weak "game!" ;)
So prob a bad idea to play cards in Vegas the week of the WSOP as people were getting knocked out of the game and hitting the table trying to make back the $10k they lost. On a good note I won $300 at my home game last night...sorry for the no call back but it was 1am.

Hindsight is 20-20...

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