Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fitchburg TT results

So I am perplexed with what to do now. 12th place in the uphill TT doesnt make any sense to me. I figured I would be near the 30s or 40s. But 12th. I was figuring that I would be so far off GC that I would just race for the points jersey. But now I feel like I have a legit chance to do well in the overall. My racing style favors this kind of racing. Everyone thinks I am crazy for going off the front by myself attempting to draw people out. 70 miles is a long race tomorrow. Then 2 hard days follow that. But I am still going to try. I'd rather just go out in a blaze of breakaway glory that sit in.

The points jersey is wide open and I would like to improve on my gc (mom, gc means overall) standing, but wow, what fun.

Elliot is upset with his time. He didnt fare well. Lucas was 40, tkarnes was 32, Rat near last (he claims sickness), with zach kyler 68, mark edwards was 54. THe junior winner put up a top ten pro time. Give me a break. I love watchin these kids. Their emotions are so attached to that final time sheet. I am doing my best to relay to them the importance of best effort, training, nutrition, attitude, and pressing beyond what they believe they can do. Its not about who has a disc, who has a light bike, who has a hot team kit (just look at leblue!). I am so happy Annie is here to feed us tomorrow as my race is 70 miles and the kids race is 44. Forecast=rain.

Say a prayer for us and we'll post as soon as results are complete tomorrow.

results today are here: STAGE ONE TT RESULTS


Chris said...

Said a prayer for you all tomorrow.

BA result in the uphill TT!

Keep it coming.

Kyle Jones said...

Great job with your time. From one big guy to another it is just damn wierd to do well in a climbing race. Sometimes the stars align.

You just got to try it. You never know who will go with you. If it does not work try again. You can do it.

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