Thursday, July 3, 2008

RamaLama Potabsco

Hippster and I used to love heading north of BWI and hitting up the potabsco state park for a couple of hours. I have so many memories of loading up some truck and just going to ride the dirt. There is a nice 20 min of just flow on the far side of the park. Riding that dirt reminds me to just have fun on the bike. I had the freshly painted white intense 5.5. I enjoyed dirtying up the bike.

It looks good pre-dirt.

Very happy camper.

Indiana Jones has nothin one me!
These falls are all visible from the trails. This state park is beautiful.
Oh yeah, rolled an 18:25ish up the Fitchburg TT hillclimb. This dude at the start told me that I was the biggest rider he'd ever seen. "I am sure you can put out some watts!" he said. I am happy to report that I beat the VA juniors (thus far). Elliot wasnt sure about his time, lucas claims 19:17, tkarnes claims 18:55, Rat is sick, Mark ran a 19something. The winning 3 time last year was 17:15ish.
Results will be posted soon on
I will post more once results are final.

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