Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I count my blessings

So its 2 am est. The last thing I wrote to the blog was "lucky me." Normally I wouldnt blog at this hour but I just cant sleep. I parked my truck and trailer (and car) at the walmart parking lot while corey, his brother, and I went to the KC game just 3 miles down the road. When I got back to the truck, I rolled into wallyworld to get some supplies. When I got back to the truck, I checked my tire because I had replaced it earlier in the day. Like a good pilot, I walked around the entire vehicle looking for obvious problems/damage. Looks good. 25 miles to corey's apartment.

When we parked, I went to the shell of the truck to get some clean clothes for the night. Well, thats just the thing, there were none. Look lower in the blog and you'll see all that I had in the truck when fully packed (even posted a pic a couple days ago). In the well lit walmart parking lot in Independence, Missouri, everything I own was stolen out of the back of my locked truck. So I have no more leblue kits, no more craftsman tools, no more bike tools, no more spare parts, no more luggage, no more underwear, no more socks, no more jeans, no more shorts, no more nothing.

The biggest blessing about this story is that my SLC-SL, Intense 5.5, and Felt B2 time trial bikes along with a set of 58 mm American Classic carbon wheels, a zipp sub9, a zipp 1080, and chris king wheelsets (road and mtn) were still neatly tucked away in the truck. You do the math on that one. They left easily 20k of bikes but took all my sears tools and my lucky jeans. I guess I am fortunate that some people are ignorant. I feel sick right now because this is the second time in 2 years that I have been robbed. I cant sleep and am just upset. I have to keep driving west and dont have time for the police to take their required 5 days to "look into it."

So I am blessed. I thank God that I am adamant about insurance. It should all be covered under my personal property policy. I may even get a new truck shell depending on how much damage they did while destroying the back door/window. Not that I want to deal with any of this while I am moving XC.

They took all my bike tools. I had absolutely every shimano tool made, yes, even a headset press. I didnt have a race puller, but I did have a breaker bar, mavic metal trueing kit, 10, 9, 8 speed chain pins,
two dura ace cassettes
sram 970 cassette
9 speed chain

3 camel backs
4 water bottles
2 carbon water bottle cages
niterider light headset
niterider light bar mount set
easton monkeylite carbon riser bar
3 shock pumps
maverick fork seals
enduro ceramic bearing bottom bracket
giro atmos helmet
atmos helmet pads
sidi carbon cycling shoes
nike carbon cycling shoes
2 pair speedplay cleats
avid juicy 7 rear disc brake kit
white lightning
brake housing
ritchey multi-tool
park multi-tool
ritchey chain tool
big 10mm allen
8 mm allen
cable housing
portable electric generator
cane creek headset
4 rolls of bar tape
white dura ace hoods!
selle italia flight saddle
selle italia slr saddle
teflon brake/derailleur cables
4 disc brake rotors
extra dropout for the intense
2 zipp tangente tires
bleaching kit
stans sealant
headset press
individual hex wrenches
complete park shimano tool set
park tool grease
shimano tool grease
grease gun
extra tire levers
extra cassette removal tools
disc brake removal tool
complete intense bearing set
xtr bottom bracket
american classic hub body parts
fork lube
co2 inflator
digital hanging scale
digital pack scale
carbon fork saw guide
co2 20 pack
park saddle bag tool kit
specialized saddle bag
extra tubes
extra michelin tires
carbon brake pads
plastic storage bin
plastic laundry bin

extra disc brake pads
chris king hub adjustment tool
chris king hub lube
rock shock fork butter
spoke prep
lock tite
extra spokes for all my chris king wheels
cable clamps
emergency light and radio
electrical tape
headset press
race setter
headset remover/puller
race face 31.6 carbon seatpost
salsa shorty stem
avid disc brake bleed kit
box cutter
box cutter knife
victorinox swiss army knife
mil spec led flashlight (small)
plastic tool box for the bikes
plastic small parts tool box with removable trays
intense bearing press
thomson seat post, selle italia flight saddle attached to it for intense 5.5

4 pairs lucky jeans
6 pairs of summer shorts
25 of my favorite t-shirts
10 of my favorite polo shirts
5 button up shirts
puma shoes
pair quik flip flops
casual steve maddens
quik swim shorts
2 oversized towels (one Tommy Bahama-a gift)
7 pair white cotton socks

2 pair cycling baggy shorts
6 pair cycling shorts
20 pair cycling socks
8 cycling jerseys to include my brand new indy fab jersey
1 cycling skinsuit
5 pair cycling gloves

complete craftsman toolset to include
3 drawer metal toolbox
1/2, 1/4, 3/8 in drives with deep sockets, regular sockets, adapters, extensions
socket holders
3 vice grips
adjustable wrench
screw driver set
torque wrench x 2
file x 4
3 crescent wrenches
complete drill bit set
breaker bar
magnetic flashlight
magnetic tool extension
4 tape measures
1 laser leveling light
wire brushes
scrub brushes
tooth brushes
5 various locks including my academy con locker lock (13 years old and very valuable to me)
stud finder

chris king sticker for both tool boxes
indy fab sticker for bike tool bike

Basically, this is everything that I thought I would need (tool boxes and bike parts) plus clothes to live while the navy has the rest of my gear in storage for 3 months. If you can think of anything that I am missing, please comment. Wick, you prob can think of some things, but gener, geno, bryan, keith, elliot, tyler, rob, chris, robd, danny, toon, brett, britt, shippy, ect, if you can think of any tool, please list it here. I cant remember everything in my absolutely shocked state.


Anonymous said...

I think that walmart prides themselves on having cameras everywhere monitoring the parking lots.(for kid abductions,etc..) It may be worth it to call that walmart. you do not always have to be present to file a police report. At least I did not when my pinarello was stolen. Yes insurance is a great thing, but remember your premium will go up slightly and you will end up paying for all the tools again over the next few years. Sorry about all your stuff. There are alot of common people in this world!! Bryan

Anonymous said...

Bryan is right.... contact the police and they can check the security cameras at Walmart...I am totally shocked about this!!!

It just might be worth the extra time spent there!!
I am so sorry about this --- again!

Chris said...

Bush-league. I feel sick to my stomach for you. It feels aweful to be "violated" like that and to think that more than the $ aspect, you probably accumulated all of that stuff over the last decade or so.

This is disgusting and it shows you that it doesn't matter where you are, there are criminals, jerks, low-lifes, that have no problem or remorse about being criminals, jerks, low-lifes.

I'm glad some of the bigger ticket items were left untouched. I hope the rest of the trip happens with no incidents. You would think a well-lit parking lot of a major store chain is a good place to park, and it probably is 95% of the time.

Anonymous said...

it`s just stuff.....not 2 belittle your situation, i kid ,i kid, that really sucks, stranger in a strange land????but realy , they got your lebleu kits, damn , i was just getting ready to hit ya up for some clothes????? but in the end it`s 1 more thing that`s gonna make you even tuffer(imagine that BENDER even tuffer)!!!!!! and if you need a h/s press i can UPS ya mine, ha-ha.....

Anonymous said...

sorry guy, that stuff sucks. good luck getting all that stuff back I kinda took stock of everything and all. you got most of it on the list, but i do like how your glorify the intense bearing press as an official tool - wick

Anonymous said...

starnuts, carbon headset spacers, seatopst collars, valve extenders, R3 headset, valve core remover, mnountainbike UST tubeless valves, rim tape rolls, bbt-19 bottom bracket tool, ti skewers, mavic hub tool, two 53 tooth chainrings -wick

Glover said...

DUDE!!! That sucks more than the dealer drawing to a 6 card 21 against your 20. Speaking of which, one good weekend at the tables this weekend will remedy the entire situation. Hang in there!

T.Karnes said...

how could you leave the white dura ace hoods out for someone to steal? you forgot the crack pipe.

Anonymous said...

god man that is S%^&Y!

Kyle Jones said...

I have trashed a bike and am insured through usaa and did not include a reciept. If you are insured by them I would guareentee they will probably cover it. It sucks to hear that when you are traveling across country no less. At least it was not at your house where you sleep every day. That would bug the crap out of me then. Hope things get better for you.

Anonymous said...

Cripes. People can be so callous. Sorry to hear about this. At least the thief was too stupid to take your bikes. Someone burgled me when I was two years out of college and he only took the good stuff - the road bike, the camera, etc. It sucks.

Looks like the rest of the trip has been otherwise very cool.

Toon said...

i really feel bad for you dub...don't worry you'll rebound stronger than before...

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